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November 2018

Individual Meetings with local leaders

Through these meetings, various stakeholders and community leaders, as well as official and non-official networks were surfaced. Best practices for community involvement in this particular area of Sherman Oaks were discussed and will provide the framework for on-going community engagement.

Dec, 05, 2018

Initial gathering with local neighbors

The purpose of the evening was to introduce this senior housing concept, to hear early on from neighbors who have concerns and reservations, and to begin to address the issues

Dec, 13, 2018

Meeting with Killion Street Neighbors

Residents of Killion Street are immediately adjacent to the proposed development and it was important to hear their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns as early as possible. These topics will form the basis for future community meetings with them and with the community at large.

Jan, 10, 2019

Introduction to various community and neighborhood leaders

This meeting provided the opportunity to develop a community engagement plan that is thoughtful and well-grounded and will coordinate all the neighborhood and city stakeholders.

Jan, 22, 2019

Strategy session with nearby neighborhood leaders

The primary goal of the meeting was to plan the upcoming community meeting on February 4th. The venue, timing, invitations, and format were discussed in detail in order to make it a valuable experience for participants and to encourage them to return for further engagement.

Feb, 04, 2019

Meeting with adjacent neighbors

The invitees to this meeting were residents from the Noble Estates, Vista Oaks, Tyrone Group, and Sherman Oaks Quad neighborhood groups, and the primary purpose was to introduce Mercy Housing and the basics of the proposed development and to provide input to the architects on the exterior “look” of the building.

Apr, 18, 2019

Review by the SONC PLUM

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee met to review the proposed Burbank Boulevard Senior Housing development. The presentation noted the revisions and adjustments made in response to community input from the February 4 Community meeting, as well as suggestions from other members of the community related to the look and feel of the design. The committee voted unanimously to support the development with a number of conditions. Some members of the public expressed concerns related to the population to be served and regarding the proposed operations and management, many of which were addressed by the Mercy team.

Apr, 24, 2019

General Community Meeting

Invitees to this meeting were all those who have participated in earlier meetings or have expressed interest in the new housing, as well as those on the mailing list for The Quad neighborhood group. The meeting was also noticed by mail to those renters and owners within a 500’ radius of the site. The purpose of the meeting was to share with neighbors and the general public both the changes made in response to community input and to provide more specific answers to questions raised at the February 4 community meeting, particularly those concerns about who will live at the property, what are the selection and screening criteria, and how management will be accountable to the local community. The entire presentation is available on this site under Information and Plans.

May, 11, 2019

Tour of El Monte Veterans Village

Members of the Sherman Oaks community have been invited to tour this Mercy Housing Supportive Housing community to meet residents and staff, to better understand the types of programs and services offered, and to experience first hand how the property is managed.

May, 13, 2019

Presentation to Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council

The Executive Board of the SONC voted unanimously to approve Burbank Boulevard Senior Housing. The next steps in the planning process include continued review by the City Planning Department. The application will then be reviewed by a Hearing Officer and later by the City Planning Commission. In mid to late summer, we would anticipate hosting a Neighborhood Open House prior to the Planning Commission to share with the community the final plans, including any adjustments that have been made as a result of the planning process.

Jul, 16, 2019

Hearing Examiner's Hearing

This is the public hearing where City Planning Staff will take testimony from the Applicant and the Community to assist them in preparing a Staff Report. The staff report will include a recommendation to the City Planning Commission (CPC) regarding the entitlement requests for the development.

Aug, 08, 2019

City Planning Commission Hearing

The Planning Commission held a public meeting to review the Staff report, including the recommendation, and listen to testimony before acting on the entitlements requested. Their action is formalized in a written letter of determination issued shortly after the meeting.

Oct, 16, 2019

Site Acquisition

Mercy Housing acquired the Burbank Boulevard Senior Housing site on October 16, 2019, which enables Mercy Housing to clear and secure the site.

Sep, 16, 2020

Tax Credit Award

Mercy Housing California received a tax credit award from the State of California, the last piece of financing needed to move forward.

Dec, 07, 2020

Burbank Boulevard Site Secured

With the help of LAPD, the Burbank Boulevard site was boarded-up and cleared of debris and graffiti. Mercy Housing hired Code Blue Security to provide security at the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the start of construction.

May, 13, 2021

Start of Construction

Construction officially began on May 13, 2021. The General Contractor is Walton Construction, an experienced and reputable contractor in the field of affordable housing development.

Aug, 16, 2022

Construction Progress: Summer 2022

The construction phase for Burbank Boulevard Senior Housing is now 57% complete!